Terms And Conditions

Terms And Conditions 


A Win Win Solution Services:

A Win Win Solution services include Joint Venture Marketing for Local Businesses and Real Estate. We also buy Structured Settlements.  

If you use this site we assume you are interested in these topics and how we can be of service to you on your Marketing, Real Estate and Structured settlement needs. 

See our Privacy Policy on how we use your data and cookies.  

We are not interested in Tire kickers, so only use this site if you are in serious need of our services. 



Associates Programs and Affiliate Advertising programs

A Win Win Solution also uses Associate Programs and Affiliate Programs in its advertising. Meaning we help businesses market to you and refer you to 3rd party companies that provide you with the product.

By using this site, in regard to Associate and Affiliate Programs,

  • You acknowledge that AWinWinSolution.com is a notification service letting you know about 3rd party offers and deals.
  • You agree these purchases are your decisions made between you and the 3rd party company.
  • You agree to do your own due diligence with the 3rd party company and product before you purchase.
  • You agree that any issues with, but not limited to, the delivery, the product, or the 3rd party company is between you and the 3rd party company.
  • You are aware and acknowledge that as a notification service, AWinWinSolution.com is not the seller or distributor for these items.
  • You agree to not hold AWinWinSolution responsible for any issues you experience with the 3rd party company.

Although we do our best to prescreen the 3rd party companies we refer, they are completely separate companies with their own responsibility or accountability policies.



Associates Programs and affiliate advertising programs are designed to provide a means for sites (like AWinWinSolution.com) to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to associate/affiliate accounts such as Amazon.com.