Structured Settlements

Are you currently feeling the pain of insufficient cash flow to maintain your business? 

Are you receiving payments over time? 


If so,

We can buy your future payments (accounts receivables) to solve some pressing cash flow issues.

By Structured Settlements we mean the more broader sense of the term. Which would be -- A contract stating structured payments made by A and payed to B over time.


Our company is branching out into buying and selling many different forms of structured settlements (payments over time).

Some examples,

  • Mortgage
  • Lottery winnings
  • Accounts receivables
  • Land contracts.
  • Sale of business that was owner financed with structured payments.


This section of your website is being built to offer many services for this new area of our business. So be sure to check back later for updates.

In the mean time contact Us directly if you are ready now.